Conveniently Located off Richburg Road Between South 40th and 28th Avenues
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We have had many people ask us questions about Cascades and the building process.  We've attempted to answer them when asked, but wanted to share
these questions and answers on our Frequently Asked Questions Page because most questions asked would be asked by most everyone making a decision
about purchasing a building lot or building a custom home.  We hope you find the information helpful. And if you have a question that hasn't been
addressed here, send us an email and we will try to answer it for you and then post it here so others can also benefit.
I’ve read in your promotional materials that lots are priced tens of thousands of dollars below original prices at Cascades.  How do you
arrive at that conclusion? GH, Hattiesburg (
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What’s the process at Cascades to build a custom home? AB Oak Grove (click for the Answer)
I heard that you all are marketing lots to families that might not currently be in the market to buy a lot. What is that all about? SM
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How much are the Homeowners' dues and what do they cover? TC, Oak Grove (click for the Answer)