Conveniently Located off Richburg Road Between South 40th and 28th Avenues
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QUESTION: I’ve read in your promotional materials that lots are priced tens of thousands of dollars below original prices at Cascades.  How do
you arrive at that conclusion? GH, Hattiesburg
ANSWER: Pretty straight forward, really.  The Estate Lots are currently priced from the high $40,000s to the mid $70,000s with an average price of
$60,000. When Cascades was originally completed in 2007, a number of lots were sold in the $80,000-and-up price range. Assuming that the earlier lots
sold were “average” lots (and based upon our analysis of these lots – they were) – then
the difference in value is at least $20,000 higher than our current
pricing. Also, we have studied the Hattiesburg area lot prices for luxury home communities (including communities in Hattiesburg and Oak Grove) and set
our current prices generally below them. We were able to do this because we bought the Cascades lots at a discount to the original cost to build them
(because the original developer’s lender took the property back during the “Great Recession”). So we are passing along a significant saving to our lot
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