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QUESTION: What’s the process at Cascades to build a custom home?
ANSWER: Most families who desire to build a custom house (once they’ve found the perfect lot) is to interview several builders to find the one that they
feel provides the most professionalism but also is compatible to their personality.  At Cascades we are planning to have several “Preferred Builders” –
builders that we no and that have an excellent reputation in the area.  We do this simply as a convenience.  A lot owner is not required to use our Preferred
Builders. Most builders will help you find the perfect floor plan and exterior design. They work with local designers and architects to design their houses.  
If you have a particular plan you like, they will likely be able to quote you a cost estimate. You can expect that given 3 professional builders (licensed, full
time commitment, good customer and trade references, etc.) and the same floor plan and building specifications that the budget that each prepares will be
similar in cost.  There are no bargains; so if one builder quotes you a much lower price it’s likely that he has either made a mistake or is quoting his labor
and/or material at lower prices than the other builders because he is using labor that is not as skilled or materials that are not of the quality required.  The
key then is to identity a qualified builder that you are comfortable with.  Once you select a builder he can guide you through the process of building your
“dream home”- from helping you select a lot (if you haven’t), designing the house and assisting in finding you a construction lender.
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