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QUESTION: I heard that you all are marketing lots to families that might not currently be in the market to buy a lot. What is that all
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ANSWER: Good question. Most developers are interested in selling lots to local builders (on which they build a “spec” house) or to families currently in
the market to build a custom home.  Both of these categories of buyers are always present - called “natural demand”; but we wanted to expand our
market and bring to the attention of families who have a desire at some point to live “close in” in a luxury community – but aren’t ready to make that
building decision yet. So, we are targeting families that currently live in Southwest Hattiesburg and Lamar County (Oak Grove, Bellevue, Sumrall, etc.)
and suggesting to them the idea of buying a lot in Cascades now (and as of this writing there are only 36 remaining lots of the original 57 available)
without a restriction to build right away.  By buying now these families would eliminate the risk that the lots in Cascades won’t be available in the future
(and if they are it will likely be resale lots where the sellers are pricing them at the then-current market value and trying to cash out the profit they
“earned” when they purchased them originally from us), or finding a new alternative community (one that is not yet developed – but which will likely cost
significantly more than our current pricing). Think of “
Buy Now – Build Later” as insurance. Buy a great lot now at a below market price, in a perfect
location, in a luxury community unparalleled in the area – and eliminating the worry of being able to find that perfect property when the time is right to