Conveniently Located off Richburg Road Between South 40th and 28th Avenues
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QUESTION: How much are the Homeowners' dues and what do they cover? TC, Oak Grove
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ANSWER: This year the assessments for the Cascades Owners Association, Inc. are estimated to be between $750 and $1000 per year (the budget is not
yet final).  They are paid by each lot owner and are used for items such as lawn maintenance of the entrance boulevard; street Rights-of- Way throughout
the community (which would normally be a maintenance cost that falls to the individual property owners);  maintenance and utility costs for the water
pumps (the “cascades” and water circulation in the 10 pools) and the entrance boulevard lighting;  common area property taxes; insurance; reserves for
future structural repairs (the towers and pools, etc.) and to fund an arms-length management company to administer the activities of the Association. The
management company will be overseen by the Association’s Board of Directors.